Finding a means and still looking for a way

I moved to a new state last week of September. Found a job opportunity by way of a flaky friend who interviewed and was offered the job but backed out at the last moment. She recommended me and the rest is history.  So the means to the drudgery we call survival is a bit more secure now.  I still trust no one I work with. Corporate workers are some of the vilest people on earth. I’m no better- constantly backing up communication and data files in the hidden “CYA” folder everyone maintains on a thumb disk. Just in case..Next 3 … Continue reading Finding a means and still looking for a way

In remission 

If one looks up the definition of “remission” anywhere, there are several meanings to the noun. Most equate it with disease as it’s mostly overused in that medical connotation. Just like my most disliked overused adjective (“amazing” ), it falls out of most mouths like badly ingested soup or yogurt. Sheer drivel. Remission’s formal definition- that of exculpation or forgiveness of sin- is my current state of life. I’m seeking remission for whatever I did in any previous life to have had such a tough few years. I hope I can be granted remission to have a reason to smile … Continue reading In remission 

What am I?

If you’ve read any of the short stories published in my book you’re aware that I’ve had my fair share of bi-sexual experiences. I never felt ashamed of or regretted the time spent with any of the women I’ve frolicked with. They were all beautiful in their own way. As I value discretion, I do believe this played a large role in these “experiments” being successful. I’m friends with many of these women to this day.  I’ve never identified as bi however. My love of cock is too wanton to let me be anything but hetero or CIS. Lesbian was always a … Continue reading What am I?

Monday- the world’s shortest horror story

I spent an incalculable amount of time updating the look of this blog this morning. WordPress makes everything more complicated than it has to be. Like I actually had to google how to add my Twitter feed to the home page! I suppose I’m just fed up with the amount of time I’m wasting online but then I don’t have anything else to do between part time work and finding real work again. More frustration. Mondays have always brought out the worst in me- ever since I could remember how to tell the days of the week. Seems like a … Continue reading Monday- the world’s shortest horror story

Facebook follies

The Master introduced me to one of his ex wives years ago. This was a month or so after I met him in the flesh (we “met” on one of those hookup sites and talked on the phone for about a year prior to that).  Sounds strange to the average vanilla woman but ,as I detailed in a few of the trysts found in BeDtime Stories for the Master , he had a plan. And we discussed “the plan” on and off over the past 10 years. Suffice it to say that as I’ve never come out of the BDSM closet (nor … Continue reading Facebook follies

The sounds in the sea of dreams

I’ve been asked if I dream in color or black and white. I do neither – at least I don’t think I do. The few memorable dreams I’ve had recently were more vivid in sound than sight. They were more vivid in feel (meaning ,when I woke, I could feel on my person where my dream broke off).  I don’t dream much anymore. The few times I might are as vivid in smell, sound and touch than sight.  #vivid Continue reading The sounds in the sea of dreams

He’s not just an “ex” 

So after nearly 2 years, I hooked up with Master last weekend. We happened to be in same place at the same time. Guess the moon and stars were in correct formation. I can’t describe my feelings while I was with him although I could get perverse in my description of the rendezvous. I only can express how I feel right now. In this moment, all alone again. Buzzfeed video to sum it up Continue reading He’s not just an “ex” 

Writing rumblings..

Writing and publishing BeDtime Stories for the Master was the easy part. I often chuckle when I see new authors on either Goodreads or Twitter starting their profiles with “published author”. So what?! I found the time to compile the 10 plus years of short stories into a readable format and found a fairly inexpensive publisher who managed to get my graphic BDSM themed  e-book out on all major e-retail sites. NO BODY TELLS YOU THE HARD PART IS SELLING! Selling copy, of course, includes marketing and a lot of self-promotion. Which I try to do on a weekly basis. … Continue reading Writing rumblings..