A day of reflection

I surf Tumblr and Twitter for the best BDSM inspirational photos and posts. There is always that one Tumblr that captures my attention with the sheer beauty of their photography posts & reblogs not seen elsewhere (see Art of Shibari). Or I’m creased with laughter reading the extremely talented writer-kinksters on Twitter (see O Miss Pearl) .

Today I had to take a step back from all the social networking and give some consideration to what my blog means to impart to the haphazard internet user stumbling on my metatags (all bdsm related) and decide if it should allude to being comical, artful, or personal.

I had a vanilla blog over a decade ago. I wrote out of sheer boredom on my personal sexual experiences. I gathered some followers -most thinking the writing was good but moreso that the sheer truthfulness of each experience was raw and real. A few connected enough with me that we are still in touch today.

I can only hope I’d be as successful writing about my non-vanilla side. The submissive personality that no one really knows except for the Master and anyone buying my ebook of short stories.



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