His cow, her cow, hucow

I watched the 40-minute insex.com video “Dairy” the other night at the behest of Master. It was well done and the slaves were pretty. I also learned this type of objectification is referred to as “hucow “(I’ve seen and heard of pussy and clit pumping- call me a slow perversion learner) . In the video, a portable steel cow milker was used. 

It turned me on. I breast-fed an infant decades ago so I know the feelings and stimulations well. What I don’t understand is this: none of the slaves excreted anything from their boobs. 

By Wiktionary and Urban Dictionary reference, a hucow is “a person (woman) who chooses to be objectified for her large mammaries and ability to lactate constantly.” 

I know women that kept breast feeding until their kid was in grade school. Those women didn’t produce quarts of milk a day even on a regimented diet. Boobs will and do dry up on their own no matter how long you try to extend lactation.

So my curiosity is now “extended” to whether this fetish goes by another moniker. Or what the origin of the word really stems from.


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