Hucows revisited

~Master’s assignment turned in tardy~

I posted 3 days ago about my incredulity on the hucow fetish after seeing my first milking porn. I wrote out my thoughts from the perspective of a former nursing female who went through the physical changes that pregnancy brings with it. That was over 2 decades ago. What I did not fully understand was the physiological and psychological workings of mammary glands. In short, those glands aren’t controlled by ovaries but by the pituitary gland in the brain and a hormone called prolactin (naturally occurring in cows- the bovine kind).

“Induced” lactation CAN occur by dedicated breast stimulation (including using a hospital grade breast pump up to three times per day) consisting of eight 20-minute manual or oral stimulations daily (10 minutes equally on each boob) . These “stims” or “dry nursings” must be done almost round the clock and the mindset matters as much as the physical work (remember those 3am feedings?)

The amount of milk production is dictated by one particular hormone present in each hucow (or not…especially ones past the “minnowpause”). That hormone is prolactin, which is produced naturally in females that are or have recently been pregnant. For those that never were or were long ago, there is a cocktail of synthetic hormones, like estrogen and progesterone found in birth control pills and domperidone that take the breast stimulation protocol above to the production phase -after some time.

If you don’t visit doctors or don’t take hormones, there are foods and supplements that naturally increase levels of prolactin. Below is a short list:

Fennel seeds (also called fenugreek seeds)

Milk Thistle herbs

Soy milk (increases estrogen)


Some reference material here

And here


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