On writing styles-Haters gonna hate

I’ve begun to get some reviews and commentary on BedDtime Stories for the Master. I am pleased with the majority of emails I’ve received on my e-book but extremely disappointed that several (like 5 out of 29) are downright mean spirited. And they’re from supposed female authors in the lifestyle. 

“That scene with the bottle objectification would have been better without all the cuss words. You know, a little more high brow.”

Hmm ..let me think on how I could have prettied that up for you? 

“The glistening bottle was inserted in my anus as I wantonly licked my lips and lasciviously stroked my vagina and perienum to the sound of Master’s eloquently spoken commands.”

 Yeah. That and the dollar-store Harlequin romance cover so many of these “lifestyle” writers use on most of the BDSM books out there really wet the true fetishist in me. Pffffttt.

My book is a collection of 12 fairly gritty short stories and the warning after the IBSN tells you it’s graphically explicit. It’s real and it’s raw because that’s what I wanted to convey in each story. I had no illusions of writing a novella when trying to engage the BDSM community. And I definitely wanted it to be from the slave’s perspective. The intro (free to view along with chapter 1 online) tells you this.

To each his own and, as my Dom is fond of saying, “Flowery words have no place in the dungeon, darlin’.”



3 thoughts on “On writing styles-Haters gonna hate

  1. I would personally take the reviews with a grain of salt if they were indeed vile. Now if they were constructive criticism, a writer can always improve!

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