This year has been “sour” on several notes. It started in quarter 1 when I had to relocate here for a job. While I am grateful I am gainfully employed after a 4-month unemployment stint since the last job, earning 40K less per year has put a damper on my social and personal expenses. I took on freelance work to compensate for that but now, in the last few weeks of 2016, all I want to see is the END of it. Been clocking too many hours!

I am glad I got BeDtime Stories for the Master out in the book published world by mid October. At least that personal goal was fulfilled this year and I wasn’t running out of steam like I have been the past 3 weeks.

My real 45+ hour a week job is growing tentacles everyday I come in. New problems or ones from before my time lay there in wait… festering and boiling for me to solve them.

The last freelance assignment I thought I was done with is not going away and it physically sickens me to spend anymore of my precious night or weekend hours on it -no matter how good of an hourly rate I get.Problem is my own ethics and the consultant who contracted me is a nice man.

The day to day chores and maintenance of my “pets” (the furry kind, not the human kind) is starting to annoy me too.  I have so little patience for my 75 lb pitty and my 10 lb kitty that I find myself yelling at them. Always makes me feel wretched later..

I so need a break from it all. Master has been away far too long and even He seems to be going through the same work hell I am. He THOUGHT he’d have time off at Xmas only to be diverted to Maryland for another job.

2017 better have a quiet start. vacay-cat





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