New Year’s Day

It’s another New Year’s day. In my part of these great United States, it’s a fairly typical one- rainy and damp cold. Not frigid but cold enough to make one rather stay under the blankets. And meditate or ruminate or resolve to do things differently.

I, for one, quit making resolutions a long time ago. I like to poke fun at those who still do make New Year resolutions (in a good natured way, of course). It’s great to have goals and ambition. It’s also great when you realize it’s just the start of something new (like a calendar year) that puts you in this frame of mind to resolve to change things about your circumstances.

I was incredibly busy in the last quarter of 2016. From my day job exigencies, to side gigs for extra cash and the the release of my e-book of 12 BDSM short stories ,I was already resolving to change my circumstances today, the first day of 2017.

As luck would have it, I was selected for an interview last week back in the high-dollar field I used to work in. I just don’t know that I’m that happy about it. As much as I like the money, I despise the work. I like where I work now but don’t have the cash I’m used to having to do things apart from paying bills, rent and groceries. So this is what was weighing on my mind at the stroke of midnight today. Do I do what I like for less money or what I can’t stomach for more?

Having been in touch with my D all through the holidays (I could not take any time off to visit) I also realized that had I had some extra cash perhaps this wouldn’t have been such a drain on my finances or state of mind.  Still, I held my nose to the grindstone and kept working -even through the holidays.

My wish for you is that whatever you resolved for in 2017 happens. Here’s my take on it:



Kitty Luv



One thought on “New Year’s Day

  1. I did sort of make some New Year Resolutions this year none of which I have complied with which kind of backs up your theory. But I have done something which was not in my New Year’s Resolution which has really improved my life. I suddenly decided to throw away or file all 20,000 pieces of paper that were lying around my house meaning I couldn’t even go into certain rooms. In 3 days I filed and binned them all and I also resolved that I would make my bed and open my curtains every day which I had never done. I have also got rid of all the mess that was on the floor of my room and now keep it very tidy. Thanks for following my blog.

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