Story # 4 from “BeDtime Stories for the Master”

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 Keep it Exciting

The night was surprisingly humidity-free for July and there was even coolness in the air. She lit her first cigarette at 10PM and had a glass of wine. Not even the mosquitoes were out. Despite wanting peace and quiet desperately to ponder all her newly found perversions- the ones HE had put in her head- she became annoyed when her neighbors started talking loudly on their front lawn. The hippy-wanna-be-guitarist from NY was telling another man that before he moved “der” permanently he’d “better take that fuckin girl up fer a month. In da winta..” Words of wisdom, she sarcastically thought. The passing cars and train whistle in the distance also disturbed her peace. She wanted quiet to analyze the situation but didn’t get any until the neighbors finally moved back inside. Her thoughts settled a bit.


”What did she look like,” she’d asked him on the phone earlier that night.


”Long black hair, large legs. Not the best looking girl,” he itemized matter of factly.


She thought about her abstractly- what her face might have looked like when he’d take her from behind or however he wanted to. She wondered about how she must have felt when his cock was teasing her slit, slowly and deliberately rubbing itself up against her skin. Did the last “girl” have the telltale cock-monkey wetness she did? Was she as wonton, loose, and undisciplined as the cock monkey? Did her eyes roll back in her head when he pulled that long black hair? Did she moan like an animal in heat with each stroke of his cock or slap of his hand? To know this information might be valuable.


In this frame of mind, her thoughts moved on to how she could keep him satisfied and always excited. His preference for her sitting on foreign objects wasn’t wasted on her. She knew this was a favorite of his and the fact that she had an unusually small pelvic area made it a challenge. He’d emailed plenty of suggestions since the week before. Now she thought about what “pervertibles” wouldn’t be so painful- a slim necked bottle, a candle, a vegetable. Maybe even a handle on some tool or utensil. Like the handle on the flogger he had once used on her. Her thoughts then turned to her current appearance. Her hair was almost at shoulder length. Maybe she should do something different with it? Would it matter? Its like the lingerie question- does it really matter since it’s all coming off anyway?


She pushed aside those frilly thoughts and got back to the issue at hand- his pleasure. The one thing she sensed would keep him to her was complete and total control of and compliance from her. But this would require trust and she had not known him that long to have or give it completely. Could she trust him to tie her up and both blindfold and gag her? What if she agreed to it and then couldn’t handle the intensity? How would she tell him to stop?


She was still restless when she went inside. She got online and started looking at some porn clips. “Bitches in Bondage” gave her some ideas but didn’t answer the earlier questions she had asked herself. She had over 15 days to try and seek out some answers about it all- the taking, the giving, the challenge to keep it exciting.


Perhaps this other woman could be reached for comments or suggestions? Perhaps the cock monkey could ask in one of the many online slave forums how to manage his hugely wanton desire with her physical limitations. She immediately left the clip/video area of the site and went to forums. After 30 minutes, she came across an interesting link posted by one of the slaves- a male. She went to it and found it was a 9-page “survey test” on The purpose of the test was to rank one’s sexual deviance. She took it and found some interesting results:


95% Rope bunny

95% Submissive

90% Degradee

88% Masochist

83% Brat

83% Exhibitionist

80% Primal (Prey)

76% Voyeur

75% Slave

70% Pet

69% Experimentalist

58% Girl/Boy

49% Non-monogamist

47% Switch

38% Daddy/Mommy

37% Primal (Hunter)

37% Rigger

37% Vanilla

35% Master/Mistress

35% Sadist

31% Dominant

29% Ageplayer

24% Degrader

23% Brat tamer

20% Owner


Could 83% Brat and 95% Submissive really co-exist in her? And if it could, would this be the key to keeping it exciting? Her mediocre 75% Slave score was worrisome too. How could a Master be proud of an average Slave?


She felt as if the “test” results might hold some answers for her. She had certainly pushed the envelope a few times with him already. Like saying “no” or not saying “please”. But what about trying her idea out in a different way? Like trying to overpower him? Smack him? She shuddered with excitement thinking about what repercussions she’d experience if she grew the stones to try this. But then the idea of “topping from the bottom” could be highly distasteful to him. She’d have to be on her best behavior and test some of these new ideas out as soon as he returned.



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