Facebook follies

The Master introduced me to one of his ex wives years ago. This was a month or so after I met him in the flesh (we “met” on one of those hookup sites and talked on the phone for about a year prior to that).  Sounds strange to the average vanilla woman but ,as I detailed in a few of the trysts found in BeDtime Stories for the Master , he had a plan. And we discussed “the plan” on and off over the past 10 years.

Suffice it to say that as I’ve never come out of the BDSM closet (nor the swinger closet) I had to play it “casual” when I had the opportunity to speak with her again. We ran into each other while I was back home on one of those rare occasions when Master and my schedules coincided. I’ll call her “W” for the sake of anonymity.

W and I exchanged pleasantries and said we should plan a night out whenever I was back in town. She gave me her email address and told me she was on Facebook. Master smiled like a Cheshire cat after I told him of the accidental meeting with W. “You are such a good pet,” he said as he went about packing to leave for the airport. Fast forward to this week when I finally had a chance to “connect” with W on Facebook. 

I personally don’t use FB except for real life friends or family. Master has no Facebook account- he despises all forms of social media for the sake of simple, familial communication. He has no issues using these platforms for commercial interests however. 

So imagine my shock after W accepted my Friend request and I find that she and I have 6 mutual friends. And of those 6 friends, only 1 has any clue about my “other” recreational hobbies (even this friend has NO idea I actually published my smutty lil e-book last October). 

After recovering from the surprise and scratching my head as to how W could have any connection with these same friends/acquaintances of mine, I shot Master a text.

“I’m afraid I have some disappointing news, sir. I friended W and I’ll be damned if she’s not friends with several people on my list.”

His reply came a few minutes later. “Why would this disappoint you, pet?”

“Well, I’m not sure our plans for the ‘dinner party’ would go too well. I’d be too nervous that word get out.” I hesitated sending that text but thought I had implied my concerns well enough.

His text came back almost immediately: “I understand. I can assure you she’s discreet in that regard. We can find another willing participant. Soon.” 

“Well thanks for that, sir,” I replied. 

I slept so well knowing that just for once Facebook was actually useful in avoiding a potential exposé of personal predilections. Ironic since I’ve known friends who have split up over things like “posts”, “likes” and “shares”.


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