Paychecks and passions

Lost my job on Thursday last week. My birthday no less. They caught me on my 89th day. One day before the 90 day probationary period was up. There are no rules in At Will employment states like the one I live in. So there’s no point in fighting the dismissal.

I’m wondering what to do. Sure I started looking and applying- ironically was doing so a few weeks back as I “felt” how wrong this position was the first week in. Just took it for the pay. Never mind the politics or the work.

Caught between slogging on in what I do or testing entrepreneurial pursuits. I need to decide and soon. 

We’re all slaves to something. Master hasn’t been informed of latest events. I’m not sure he’d be pleased. So I’ll keep it quiet a few weeks longer. 24/7 slavedom is best discussed in person.


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