Monday- the world’s shortest horror story

I spent an incalculable amount of time updating the look of this blog this morning. WordPress makes everything more complicated than it has to be. Like I actually had to google how to add my Twitter feed to the home page! I suppose I’m just fed up with the amount of time I’m wasting online but then I don’t have anything else to do between part time work and finding real work again. More frustration.

Mondays have always brought out the worst in me- ever since I could remember how to tell the days of the week. Seems like a chemical imbalance in my sensibilities. I’m fine on Tuesdays. Even when I am on vacation or off work, I still get that steel taste in my mouth on a Monday. The sun could be out and I’m off somewhere pleasurable but Monday is there and makes itself known. No, I wont go all Geldof/Boomtown Rats on you, but I am definitely not in good form on this day of the week.

Added a new short under “New Stuff” page. Enjoy. I’ll be counting down the hours til bedtime today!


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