What am I?

If you’ve read any of the short stories published in my book you’re aware that I’ve had my fair share of bi-sexual experiences. I never felt ashamed of or regretted the time spent with any of the women I’ve frolicked with. They were all beautiful in their own way. As I value discretion, I do believe this played a large role in these “experiments” being successful. I’m friends with many of these women to this day.

 I’ve never identified as bi however. My love of cock is too wanton to let me be anything but hetero or CIS. Lesbian was always a far flung fantasy -and I had a few of those in my much younger years. None materialized so hence why I call it fantasy.

Last month, I saw the most beautiful T-woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was by sheer accident- a following retweet led me to her account.

Her face is the epitome of the feminine definition- from her perfect bangs, eyebrows, nose and mouth down to her toes. Other than the sun kisses on her face and shoulders, her skin is alabaster white and free of all those horrid cosmetic tans. Phony lashes and over-done lips you see on a cheap nite out on Pornhub do not live on her. Thank god.

The attraction is all social media-ey at this point, of course. But I am so moved by watching this creature on her generous video shares and reading her eloquent comments that I’m really questioning myself.  What am I? How would I approach her if given the opportunity to ask her for a few hours to tell me her story? 

I will continue my puppy crush in internet solitude. I hope she never stops being beautiful. 


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