In remission 

If one looks up the definition of “remission” anywhere, there are several meanings to the noun. Most equate it with disease as it’s mostly overused in that medical connotation. Just like my most disliked overused adjective (“amazing” ), it falls out of most mouths like badly ingested soup or yogurt. Sheer drivel.

Remission’s formal definition- that of exculpation or forgiveness of sin- is my current state of life. I’m seeking remission for whatever I did in any previous life to have had such a tough few years. I hope I can be granted remission to have a reason to smile again. 

Master has been incommunicado since early June, either deliberately or unintentionally. In either scenario, the pressing need to survive, find work and now having to find affordable housing hasn’t made me sad about that. Only in last week have I even had time to think about him.

My remission from loneliness may never happen. Even after I fill the pressing needs, I am still alone with nothing to look forward to other than earning a paycheck. Perhaps my remission will never come or perhaps I need to cancel more debt (yet another meaning of the noun) in order to achieve some “happy”.

Thought this was better than posting a one-liner. I’ve been too preoccupied with the means rather than meaning of life to write. 


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