What am I?

If you’ve read any of the short stories published in my book you’re aware that I’ve had my fair share of bi-sexual experiences. I never felt ashamed of or regretted the time spent with any of the women I’ve frolicked with. They were all beautiful in their own way. As I value discretion, I do believe this played a large role in these “experiments” being successful. I’m friends with many of these women to this day.  I’ve never identified as bi however. My love of cock is too wanton to let me be anything but hetero or CIS. Lesbian was always a … Continue reading What am I?

Gone is gone

If you’ve gone through it, there is nothing more to say. There’s nothing to glamorize. Sure you can memorialize. But gone is gone. It happens to all of us. First our grandparents or our parents. Then aunts, uncles, cousins, friends (more and more friends as you pass age 50). Then your lover or your spouse. God forbid your child though I’ve seen some go through this kind of “gone”. Those poor souls are never the same. Gone is gone. And there is nothing more to say.   Gone Continue reading Gone is gone