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6/5/2017- The magic wand

The magic wand
Used with Permission of Mary Bassett @marybassettart and @fineartamerica
She felt like a caged beast and not in a BDSM sense. That was infinitely more enjoyable. It had been three long weeks since any viable work had come her way. She felt trapped by her bank account, gas tank and internet data plan.

She wanted to work a hex on the bitch that fired her but believing Karma would lash back, she looked for ways to leave the rotten city behind instead. It wouldn’t be the first time she uprooted across state lines or countries for that matter. She reached out to friends as far away as Egypt and while all would welcome her, she still had the logistics to contend with. What to do with all her furniture, how to get her ageing cat there or adopted, and how in the world to survive once she got to wherever she would go.

Her thoughts kept her up til 1 AM. She awoke tired and irritable. Two fried eggs and coffees later, her phone rang.

“Hello pet,” drawled the voice on the other end.

“Hi. Where are you?” she asked him timidly. She had to remember her place with him- always.

“I’m back in town for a few weeks. Finished last job yesterday and flew in last night. What’s my pussy been up to?” he asked matter of factly.

“Still looking for work, sir,” she replied, her voice trailing as she really didn’t want to recount her situation.

“Well, in that case, I’ll be over in a few hours. You need some reinforcement in positive attitude and a reminder to always be pleasant,” he said before hanging up.

She realized when the line clicked that she had set herself up. And not wanting to have to tidy her apartment or her muff up, began the onerous tasks involved in doing both anyway. In those few hours of vacuuming, mopping, clipping and shaving, she found her head space.

If only this could be a full time arrangement, she thought to herself. But, of course, never having been kept or a 24/7 sub she really couldn’t fathom it realistically. She was ready, naked and fresh. There was no need for superfluous lingerie or any clothing with him. Just the collar. His beer (which had been left untouched since his last visit) was cold and waiting in the fridge.

The doorbell rang. She got up and opened it with head bowed as she let him past. Quietly, she closed and latched the door.

“Kneel, slut,” he commanded as he made himself comfortable in her recliner.

She took her place on the floor in the ascribed position- on slightly spread apart knees and arms crossed behind her back, looking down until told otherwise.

“You’ve been pleasuring yourself lately?” he asked.

“No, sir,” she replied.

“Why is that, my pet slut?” he countered. But before she could come up with an answer, he got up and went into her bedroom. There was no need to reply until he came back. He was inspecting her room for signs of “fibulation” ,as he called it-signs that she may have been fibbing in response to his first question. She heard him open her toy drawer and unzip the bag. Then she heard him come back into the room.

“Look up now, ” he commanded.

She lifted her head and looked into his eyes. They were the same as always- bright, mischievous and alluring. He let the tiniest of smiles out and placed her finger vibe to her nose. Then he slid it down to one corner of her mouth.

“Nothing but disinfectant smells tell me you’ve been honest in your answer. But your performance will tell the truth,” he said as he switched the toy on.

“Bent over strappado, now!” he yelled, eyes flashing and all kindness gone from his face.

She got up from her spot and assumed the position. He always required the open slut distance between her legs. He circled behind her and placed the vibe on her clit, pressing it and releasing pressure for a minute. She started to control her breathing but this made it difficult to keep her elbows poised in position behind her back. She could hear him chuckle as her flow started seeping out of her.

“Ah ah, ” he cautioned her. “No one gave you permission to cum yet, slut.”

She kept her balance on her toes but her arms felt like two huge weights behind her back by now. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the position and ignore the tingling magic wand.

“What a good pet you are,” he casually whispered as he fingered her with some of her overflow. The desire to explode was becoming unbearable. He pulled his finger out, removed the toy from her flesh and stepped away. He stood behind her for a moment, casually inspecting her as he turned it off.

“As you will,” he said. She dropped to her knees and leaned back onto the floor and into the new position. She raised her hips as soon as her arms were outstretched over her head.

“You will now keep this toy in your cunt until I come back from taking a shower. You will not touch it or move it to pleasure yourself, is that understood?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she answered laboredly.

He turned the toy back on and stuck it into her upraised pussy as far as the thing could go. She closed her eyes again, hoping against hope that he’d say the magic words.

“You can cum if you need to, slut,” he said as he straightened himself up and left the room. “You definitely have hit a dry spell since I last saw you”.

5/13/17  Blue Resurrection

blue eye 2

I felt it when I looked into his eyes again after such a long time of desolation. I felt the bolt and heard the distant thunder. I felt at home inside those blue pools of fire and life. I felt alive again.

When I could bear to look away (a mere 40 seconds that seemed like a life time) I felt at peace. I also felt restored to a purpose. My purpose was clearer than the color of those eyes- and that was to always make them shine. With pride, pleasure and happiness.

He would not know this from looking into my brown eyes. No, they give nothing away but dark resolution. The resolve to keep going that grows weaker by the day until all hope is resurrected with blue desire.


11/13/16- The Pee Test glass-toilet

It was a difficult thing to do as she had never tried it before. She was imagining just how hot the golden rain would feel. He told her to prepare by wearing his “jewelry”-a stainless steel anal plug with a real diamond in it. She had been training, slowly learning how to sit on it for a few hours each day. He wanted no back talk, whining or sniveling during the exercise the next day.

As usual, her mind started to wander. She had dozed off at 7pm the night before after she received basic instructions but was wide awake at 1 AM. She awoke incredibly thirsty. She downed a liter of flavored sparkling water in less than 3 minutes. She went over to her dining table, another liter of water in her hand, and turned on her laptop. He had bookmarked some “training” videos on her machine the previous day.

She started watching one slave on a dairy farm. The slave was caged inside a retaining wall in a square space no bigger than 4 by 5 feet. There were funnels and tubing above each similar cage built inside the wall. This wall housed other slaves-some kept 2 to a cage. The dairy Master unzipped his fly and started peeing into the funnel above the caged girl. Instinctively, she closed her eyes and put one hand over her nostrils & lips, then used the other hand to swish the falling rain over her shoulders and neck.

“That was a strange reaction,” she thought to herself as she took her last swig of water.

An hour and a half went by with her watching a few more videos and downing another half liter of water. She started feeling drowsy and cold. It’s the kind of cold you feel when you think you’re the only person awake in the world. Shutting off her computer, turning out the lights and heading to her bed, she thought more on what he had told her: “It will be a test of different things but mostly I want you to experience it.”

It took a while to get comfortable and let sleep take over. She still had her plug in and tried to lay on her stomach to relax. Slowly, she could feel the sandman approaching. She was almost in that first stage of sleep when she felt the covers stripped off her and her shoulders pinned to the mattress by one strong forearm.

“Good morning, pet slut,” she heard him whisper.

She could hear him using his free hand to undo his fly and trousers.

“Are you ready for a new experience?” he asked her, his breath in her ear.

She nodded yes. He took out her butt plug mercilessly and she contained her yelping successfully.

“That’s a good slut. You’re finally learning what silence means,” he said softly.

She could hear the change in his breathing as he slid his erect rod up and down her butt crack. She buried her face into the mattress and kept her shoulders pressed into it also. She suddenly felt the pressure in her bladder. She had forgotten to pee before going to bed. She wondered just how she’d be able to handle the feeling of hot piss on herself when she needed to relieve herself so badly. This wasn’t the shower after all where one could just unload while the water washed it down the drain.

He rammed himself in her ass forcefully. Again she contained her whining and moaning. She had gotten more used to his ass attacks lately. He kept up the rhythm while asking her if she was ready. Again she nodded yes, the whole time surprised that the pressure on her bladder was pleasuring her as she felt his cock on the other side of her innards.

Then she felt it. Not on her back or in her hair but inside her ass. His piss was running hotter than his cum ever felt. And the stream didn’t seem to stop. She felt like she was carrying a water balloon inside of her.

It was almost impossible to breathe, feeling both the urge to piss and the need to expel from her ass simultaneously. He dismounted her and asked how she felt.

“I need to pee, sir,” she said in a quiet whisper.

“Of course you do. Get up and crawl to the bathroom,” he commanded.

She did as she was told, each movement causing her untold embarrassment as the urine seeped out of both her holes. He stood behind her the entire way into the bathroom.

“Stop,” he said in almost a shout. “You will lift your ass up and piss me out towards the bathtub.”

She almost spoke to plead with him but kept quiet instead. She felt like she was going to burst while she tightened her pelvic floor muscles to control one hole and relax the other. A small leak from both orifices made a puddle at her knees now.

Slowly at first she let out a stream from her ass towards the tub. It missed the mark however.

“Use more pressure,” he commanded.

She clenched her jaw and tried again. This time she successfully landed the spray into the tub until her hole emptied.

“Very well done, pet. I am pleased,” he said smiling down at her.

She looked up at him and twitched her lips to indicate she needed to speak. He nodded to her.

“May I please use the toilet now, sir?”