Long time, no post

To the handful of you that stop to read my blog posts, thank you and apologies for “no posting “.  It’s been a depressing 6 weeks and the stress of starting a new job and having to move to a new apartment hasn’t helped at all. Had to give up my (actually, my beloved deceased spouse) 75-lb “boy” to my brother back home. He’ll be happier there as this new job pays me a lot for only one reason- I’m never here. My poor old kitty seems to have developed separation anxiety too. So here we are- 2 old kitties. … Continue reading Long time, no post

He’s not just an “ex” 

So after nearly 2 years, I hooked up with Master last weekend. We happened to be in same place at the same time. Guess the moon and stars were in correct formation. I can’t describe my feelings while I was with him although I could get perverse in my description of the rendezvous. I only can express how I feel right now. In this moment, all alone again. Buzzfeed video to sum it up Continue reading He’s not just an “ex” 

Writing rumblings..

Writing and publishing BeDtime Stories for the Master was the easy part. I often chuckle when I see new authors on either Goodreads or Twitter starting their profiles with “published author”. So what?! I found the time to compile the 10 plus years of short stories into a readable format and found a fairly inexpensive publisher who managed to get my graphic BDSM themed  e-book out on all major e-retail sites. NO BODY TELLS YOU THE HARD PART IS SELLING! Selling copy, of course, includes marketing and a lot of self-promotion. Which I try to do on a weekly basis. … Continue reading Writing rumblings..

Exquisite solitude 

When I was younger I longed for solitude. From my rebellious teenage years all the way into my early 40’s. I thought of the wonderful and exquisite time I could spend just doing and living for me.  Now it’s here. And I dread the long hours alone and in silence. I try to will the cats and dog to speak back. They don’t. The work routine brings some movement to my tongue and vocal chords for about 40 hours a week. But that’s a superficial environment. It just enables me to continue the solitude. What an exquisitely defining moment it … Continue reading Exquisite solitude 

Gone is gone

If you’ve gone through it, there is nothing more to say. There’s nothing to glamorize. Sure you can memorialize. But gone is gone. It happens to all of us. First our grandparents or our parents. Then aunts, uncles, cousins, friends (more and more friends as you pass age 50). Then your lover or your spouse. God forbid your child though I’ve seen some go through this kind of “gone”. Those poor souls are never the same. Gone is gone. And there is nothing more to say.   Gone Continue reading Gone is gone

Marketing an e-book

I have a really good publisher that delivered on getting my book BeDtime Stories for the Master on all major reseller websites. They even provided a 90-day guide to promoting my book, free of charge.  I followed all the advice- setting up this blog as well as a content driven social media account @kittyluvscorner on Twitter . Now I’m getting antsy as to what else I could do (aside from buying ad space on the usual sites – fetlife, alt.com) to see some bank! Suggestions?  ***update to original post & note to self: invest more time and money  Continue reading Marketing an e-book